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Air Fryer Corn Canines

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Air Fryer Corn Dogs is the best way to enjoy these fair-sized favorites at home. Perfectly crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside!

The frying in the air has transformed the food, it takes the good and makes it AMAZING! Try this steak, pizza, and chicken for tried and true air fryer recipes.

Air fryer corn dogs.

Air Fryer Frozen Corn Dogs

There are lots of fun things to do and tasty things to eat at a fair. One of the favorites across the country are the corn dogs. Here you can get golden, crispy, fried, breaded hot dogs that taste so good. The hot dog is hot and juicy inside, and the corn dough surrounding it is divine and full of flavor. Now you can get the same taste and texture from the comfort of your own home, without the fair prices!

Air Frying Corn Dogs is revolutionary. This will change the way you corn dog forever. The outside is golden and crispy while the inside is still tender and the hot dog is super juicy. It's a childhood favorite that you can bring back with confidence. Air frying makes it super easy and super tasty, your family will love them. Corn dogs make for a simple weekday dinner or a lazy weekend. Make these for lunch or even an afternoon snack. You're so fast, it just works!

What you need for corn dogs in the air fryer

The list here for air fryer corn dogs is two items long. That's because the air fryer here does all the work for you, making it just like the famous corn dogs!

  • Corn Dogs: Use your favorite brand of corn dogs and get as many out as you want to cook, or customize your air fryer.
  • Oil spray: Not to be confused with non-stick cooking spray. Do not use these in your air fryer, they can ruin it.

Let's make corn dogs!

Nobody really knows how this beautiful miracle came about, but either way we have another option to cook them at home with an air fryer. Make them in the air fryer and bring home the classic taste and texture. Throw in the fryer and reach for your air fryer. You will have crispy, perfect corn dogs in no time.

  • Preparation: Spray olive oil spray on the bottom of your air fryer basket.
  • place: Put the corn dogs in the basket
  • to bake: Cook for 8-10 minutes at 360 degrees

Corn dogs in the air fryer basket.

Tips for Fair-Worth Air Fryer Corn Dogs

Whether it's a snack or a meal that you need to cook this for, air fryer cooking is the best way to go. No more damp floors from the oven or microwave. Perfectly crispy all round!

  • Not crowded: Make sure your air fryer is not overcrowded. Leave enough space between them for air to circulate around them.
  • Shake: If you want to shake or turn the corn dogs halfway, you can. It can make a better crust.
  • Hot: These will get hot when you take them out, including the sticks. Let them cool down sufficiently before passing them on to the children.
  • Thawing: The best part is that you don't need to thaw before cooking.
  • Are the sticks burning? No! You cook these knowing that they should be fine.
  • Know your air fryer: Each air fryer cooks a bit differently, so you may need to experiment a bit with time. Check them after 8 minutes and if not, check and cook to the degree you want.
  • Make it mini: Mini corn dogs are also fantastic in the air fryer, use the same temperature, only shorter cooking times. Check again frequently until the desired degree of doneness is achieved.
  • How to serve them: Corn dogs go great with some ketchup and mustard. Serve this amazing pasta salad and fruit salad with air fryer chips for a balanced meal.

Dip a corn dog in ketchup.

More Air Fryer favorites

Air fryers are without a doubt one of the greatest culinary inventions of all time. They're essentially a fan-assisted oven that sits on your counter. Air Fryers allows you to cook food with amazing outsides and perfectly cooked insides. It also clears your oven for other foods or prevents it from heating up the kitchen. Air frying is also a much healthier way to prepare foods that are especially good for deep frying. Now you can have these "fried" foods and eat them too. These recipes are so amazing. You have to try!

Air Fryer Corn Dogs

Preparation time 5 protocol

cooking time 10 protocol

total time 15th protocol

author Alyssa Rivers

Servings 4th Corn dogs

Air Fryer Corn Dogs is the best way to enjoy these fair-sized favorites at home. Perfectly crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside!

  • 4th
    frozen corn dogs
  • Olive oil spray
  1. Spray the bottom of the air fryer basket with olive oil spray. Put the corn dogs in the basket.

  2. Cook for 8-10 minutes at 360 degrees.

Served: 4th

Calories147kcal (7%)carbohydrates1Gprotein5G (10%)fat14thG (22%)Saturated fat6thG (30%)cholesterol25thmg (8th%)sodium461mg (19%)potassium59mg (2%)sugar1G (1%)calcium5mg (1%)iron1mg (6%)

All nutritional information is based on third party calculations and is only an estimate. Every recipe and nutritional value depends on the brands, measuring methods and serving sizes you use per household.

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