Freezer pleasant fruit and veggies

Freezer-friendly fruits and vegetablesFreezer-friendly fruits and vegetablesFreezer-friendly fruits and vegetables

Are you looking for a guide to freezer safe fruits and vegetables? In this post, you will learn how to freeze fruit and also find tips on freezing vegetables. Make sure to freeze the extra summer produce that you get from your garden or farmers market!

Freezer-friendly fruits and vegetables

Below is a free printable template to freeze your summer products so you can enjoy them all year round!

What to Expect from this Printable Freezer of Fruits and Vegetables:

  • Which fruits and vegetables can be frozen?
  • Which vegetables and fruits shouldn't be frozen?
  • How to Freeze Fruits and Vegetables
  • Tips and tricks to get the job done right

Tips & tricks for freezing fruit and vegetables

Learn how to freeze vegetables and fruits to keep your freezer stocked all winter.

Freezer friendly fruit and vegetable collage

Pick fruit at Prime Ripeness

You'll want to pick your fruit when it's perfectly ripe. This is a great way to save the tastiest fruits and vegetables that you can thaw and eat later. Pick berries when they are brightly colored and not bruised; Pick vegetables before they get too big.

Blanching vegetables

You will find that most vegetables need to be blanched before freezing. When blanching, you throw vegetables in boiling water, boil them for a certain amount of time, drain them and put them in an ice bath. The ice water stops the boiling process.

Discoloration of fruits

Some fruits change color once they are frozen. If you don't want your fruits to turn brown and dark, you can add some lemon juice, orange juice, or a simple syrup to the freezer container. This can help prevent the fruit from darkening.

What to expect from frozen fruit

flexer-friendly berries

When you freeze fruit, you will find that the fruit is much softer after it is thawed. Frozen fruits are great for making smoothies and smoothie bowls, yoghurt snacks, sprinkling in muffins, jams and jellies and more.

The possibilities of frozen fruit are endless! You will find that the texture is a little different, but the taste is perfect.

What to expect from frozen vegetables

Freezer-safe vegetables

Just like fruit, frozen vegetables can be a little softer when thawed. Some vegetables retain their texture like green beans, peas, and even corn. Other vegetables tend to be a little softer.

Mix your veggies in stir-fries, try this vegan filling, mix up soups, stews, vegetable ziti casseroles, and much more.

Which fruits do not freeze well?

Citrus fruits and watermelon are both fruits to avoid when freezing. You will find that the texture is completely mushy after thawing. However, if you plan to mix these frozen fruits into smoothies, you may not mind their mushy nature. I find it is just as easy to use fresh citrus and watermelon when it comes to these fruits.

Which vegetables do not freeze well?

Radishes, lettuce, cabbage, etc. do not freeze well. Look at the texture of the vegetables. If it's very delicate (like leaves), it will crumble quite a bit from freezing after it thaws.

Products with a high water content like cucumber are another vegetable to help prevent freezing. Cucumbers become very mushy and watery after thawing.

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