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October 22, 2021

It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks which is why I missed posting photos last Friday. We took a short trip to Venice with the pups, attended Trevis Festival of the Black Celery and Sausage Festival and had a great truffle meal in Trevi in ​​San Pietro a Pettine. The trip to Venice needs its own contribution so that I can introduce you to a few new favorite places, and I’ll come to that next week. This week we spent three and a half days harvesting our olives and this experience also deserves its own contribution!

If you’re ever in Umbria in the fall, there are a number of sagras or festivals going on, although after Covid the attendance seems to be lower than usual. We have always attended the little black celery festival, which is made in the small town of Trevi, the olive oil capital of Umbria. The above photo is a sunset that I caught from our property one evening. Definitely breathtaking!

Main square in Trevi where the festival takes place.

The farmer is selling his black celery. This year we noticed fewer stands.

Bratwurst Panini and local red wine. My husband calls it Beakfast of Champion!

More black celery. As you can see, the celery is not really black, but it is darker than regular celery with a much more pronounced flavor.

Ristorante di San Pietro a Pettine.

One of many truffle courses we enjoyed in San Pietro.

View of the Umbrian countryside from the Ristorante di San Pietro a Pettine.

Restored chapel on the site of San Pietro a Pettine.

Deborah Mele October 22, 2021

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