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Sausage board for Valentine’s Day

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The holiday of love is coming and you must try this Valentine’s Day Sausage Board! It’s packed with meats, cheeses and all sorts of festive red and pink fruits and sweets to start the holiday off right.

A sausage board has something for everyone! If you want to try more delicious Valentine’s Day treats then make these cookies, cheesecake or these delicious brownies.

Meat, cheese, fruit and sweets on a heart-shaped wooden cutting board.

Sausage board for Valentine’s Day

A classic sausage board (pronounced shar-koo-tuh-ree) consists of meat and cheese. You can serve this as an appetizer, a snack, or even top it with a few more savory slices of meat and make it a fun meal! But because these platters are becoming so popular, I decided to add some fruit and candy to not only add some color and texture, but to make it festive for the holiday!

My kids love it when I make a sausage board! They think it’s so much fun to help me decide what to wear and then tell me where to put it. These Valentine’s Day sausages were filled with so many delicious spreads and fruits. It made it hard not to eat it all before I made it! The best part is that you can easily switch things up to your favorite foods and make them your own! I make them for all the holidays because they are so popular with friends and family!

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Perfect sausage board for Valentine’s Day

Full Size Heart Shaped 12″ x 13″ Charcuterie Board

This wooden cutting board is perfect for adding fruit, candy, cheese and chocolate to your favorite valentine’s board.

Start with cheese and meat

Cheese is a staple of every classic charcuterie board, so you can’t skip this step! Not only does it lend itself to savory flavor, but the texture of cheese is just so unlike anything else on the board. It’s also a place where you can get really creative with the flavors you choose and then introduce new flavors to your guests. Here’s a list of the cheeses I used for this Valentine’s Day Sausage Board:


  • Garlic and Herb Boursin
  • Wensleydale with cranberries
  • Spicy cheddar
  • Plain goat cheese with pink food coloring



I didn’t use a lot of meat and cheese on this board because I knew I would mix in a lot of other things like fruit and candy. If you’re making a board with just meat and cheese, you’ll need more. Some others you can try are Dutch Spicy Kaas Red, Green and White Square Cheese, Creamy Toscano Cheese, Beemster Cheese, Peppered Salame and Proscuitto.

A closeup of a salami rose and someone picking up a piece of cheese.

Which fruits do I use for a sausage board for Valentine’s Day?

The fruit might be my favorite part of this sausage board! Here I get a wide variety of color, texture and flavor so I can have something for everyone! If I’m making a charcuterie board for a holiday, like this Valentine’s Day, I especially like to bring all the fruit in those holiday colors. All I used on this board is pink, red and purple.

  • cherries
  • blueberries
  • Halve the strawberries
  • raspberries
  • grapes

Think of the occasion you are making this board for, then adapt your ideas to fit that occasion! Fruits I’ve used on other boards are apples, bananas, blackberries, green grapes, pineapples, and oranges. Add whatever you want to these, then arrange them in different places on the board so they’re spread out.

A closeup of a hand picking some grapes from the board.

It’s time for the candy!

This is my kids’ favorite part of every holiday sausage board I make… The treats! The candies on this board add so much color and take the fun to another level. You can go crazy and use the kind you love! Since you’re making this during a holiday season, it’s super easy to find themed candies in your seasonal aisle at your grocery store.

  • Lindor chocolate truffle
  • conversation hearts
  • cinnamon hearts
  • Wrapped in chocolate hearts

Let’s make a sausage board for Valentine’s Day!

This is so much fun putting together and I love that they are different every time. Get creative and change things up if you like. Make this your own!

  1. Start with the cheese: Above the heart-shaped charcuterie board, start assembling your board by adding the cheeses.
  2. Serve the salami: Next add the salami. I took a small cup and arranged the salami like a flower.
  3. Add fruit: Then you want to add your fruits and fruit jam.
  4. Put on the treats: Fill the board with sweets and chocolates.
  5. Garnish: Add roses for an extra touch and then you can serve this to all your guests!

A sausage board for Valentine's Day.

Charcuterie board tips

Sausage boards change every time you craft them, which is why this Valentine’s board is so much fun! I love making these for the holidays because they are so festive. Here are a few ideas on how to make this board your own!

  • Use different shapes: Using cookie cutters to make different shapes on the board really takes it up a notch! Cut out some cheese with a cookie cutter. On this one I cut some spread in the shape of a heart onto the cheese.
  • Add decorations: I’ve included some roses for Valentine’s Day, but feel free to add other things like a lace doily or other heart-shaped decorations that you have on hand.
  • Switch the treats: Add some cookies or crackers for a charcuterie board your kids will love. Around the holiday you can even find some that are heart shaped or colored!

The holiday of love is upon us, so you need to start planning your meal! After all, food is a big part of the holiday! Here are a few ideas for things you can make to dress things up and show your loved ones how much you care! Enjoy!

  • Above the heart-shaped charcuterie board, start assembling your board by adding the cheeses.
  • Next add the salami. I took a small cup and arranged the salami like a flower.

  • Add your fruits and fruit jam.

  • Fill the board with sweets and chocolates.

  • Add roses for an extra touch!

serves: 8th

calories173kcal (9%)carbohydrates28G (9%)protein4G (8th%)fat5G (8th%)Saturated Fatty Acids2G (10%)Polyunsaturated fat1GMonounsaturated fatty acids2Gcholesterol12mg (4%)sodium330mg (14%)potassium251mg (7%)fiber4G (16%)sugar19G (21%)Vitamin A40ie (1%)vitamin C39mg (47%)calcium28mg (3%)iron1mg (6%)

All nutritional information is based on third party calculations and is an estimate only. Each recipe and nutritional value will vary per household based on the brands you use, measurement methods, and serving sizes.

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