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Sauteed spicy beet greens

Beet greens, stems, and leaves, while usually thrown away, are quite healthy, sweet, and delicious when cooked in a simple way. There are several different ways to prepare beet greens in Turkish cuisine. The following recipe is a simple rice and olive oil.We get red or golden beets from the csa farm box almost every week and we love to use them Pickle or for Salads and Risottos. I save the green for my lunch. I am in love sauté give them a couple of different types like this recipe but this flavorful one with Jalapenos is my favorite.
Beet green from 1 bunch of red or golden beet, stems and leaves chopped1 small onion, finely chopped2 chopped garlic cloves1 or more Jalapenos or a bell pepper to your liking, finely chopped

Red pepper flakes

– Heat olive oil in a pot.– Add onion and cook softly on medium heat for 3-4 minutes.– Add beet stalks, jalapeno and garlic. Fry for another 3 minutes.– Add the chopped leaves, salt and pepper and sauté for about 10 minutes on low to medium heat. -Salt and pepper to taste. Add red pepper flakes if you wish.

-Serve at room temperature or coldpreferably with yogurt on top and baguette on the side. Sprinkle with paprika flakes and Tabasco sauce for more fun!

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